The benefits of using BridgeLine RPO fixed price per requisition model vs. Agencies are:

  BridgeLine RPO Contingency Recruiting

Pricing, True Cost Per Hire 

Low – Fixed fee based on # of requisitions; effectively 4-8% of candidate’s salary. High - Variable, high cost - 15-25% of candidate’s salary.  
Client Efficiency

BLRPO SLAs include 3 candidates per requisition with a 92% hire rate. Additionally, ALL candidates surfaced through BLRPO project efforts become property of SLB and can be hired and ANY TIME in the future for no additional fee! 

Statistically, only 1 in 10-30 requisitions results in a hire. Lack of accountability and incentive to commit to one client’s mission. High risk/reward drives price per hire.
Accountability for Success

Complete solution ensures central accountability of the entire recruitment process with fewer redundancies. Leadership and Project Managers are accountable to results and escalation procedures are in place to ensure SLAs are met.

Very little accountability, as they typically rely on many Client companies and reqs for a few hires.  Very little incentive to work on “hard-to-fill” positions because they can’t dedicate the resources to successfully recruit these type of candidates.  Often agencies are not held accountable to the quality of candidates, leading to wasted time on the part of the Client.


Personnel and resources are dedicated to SLB.  PMs and Recruiters are career professionals with industry experience.  Research and Sourcing team members are AIRS certified and fully trained in the BLRPO recruitment project management platform. 

Client must share recruiters with multiple/other Clients; possibly competitors.  Candidates are therefore “shopped” by the recruiters to multiple Clients without working on the behalf of SLB and in SLBs best interest.
Flexibility & Scalability


Highly flexible, scalable and predictable.  BLRPO’s “on-demand” solutions allow us to add/subtract BLRPO resources as needs change.  BLRPO’s scalable recruiting “engine” can quickly adapt from sourcing, to full lifecycle recruiting solutions to specific project-based hiring needs.

Limited scalability.  Often contingency firms simply take on more requisitions without expanding their internal recruiting team or outsource parts of the project to other firms who aren’t familiar with the Client.  This allows for a low volume of “hires” to meet profit margins; often one recruiter can get by on 5 or less “hires” per month.
Process Consistent, measurable process with leadership. BLRPO’s best practices have been proven with Fortune 1000 companies.  Ad hoc.  Each recruiter is left to his or her own devices to fulfill requests.


BLRPO’s dashboard metrics and activity reporting provide comprehensive tactical and strategic recruitment insight.  This helps ensure effective project management (and accountability).

Usually no centrally tracked metrics.
Long Term Strategic Value to Client

High. Optimally aligns recruiting strategy with business strategy. BLRPO helps Clients institutionalize a streamlined and proactive recruitment process, reducing time-to-hire and increasing quality-of-hire over time while reducing dependency on agencies. Demand forecasting and continuous building of a private talent warehouse (PTW) enable PROACTIVE hiring.

Transaction based.  Focus on individual requisitions, not long-term goals or impact to organization.
Ease of doing business Easy. Regardless of recruiting team size, each Client has a single point of contact with BLRPO.  BLRPO processes and tools seamlessly tie into Clients existing hiring process and tools. Difficult.  Client must manage multiple agencies and contracts.

Industry Knowledge


BLRPO has a team of Consulting, Technology, Industry, Executive AND Recruiting industry experts who understand the bigger picture of how talent acquisition fits into your overall business strategy.

Recruiters may be familiar with the Client’s industry, but may lack the ability to serve as a true consultant as they have multiple Clients to serve.