While there are similarities in recruitment, each client has unique requirements, capabilities and business strategies. We go by the motto “one size definitely doesn’t fit all”, so before we embark on a path, we assess your company’s specific situation, design a solution - people, processes, tools and leadership - based on best practices, then implement for success, and subsequently measure and compare with original base-line figures.


Clients with, or without well-established and successful internal recruitment teams, our goal is always to increase the client's recruitment throughput with an exceptional ROI.  Here is what some of our clients had to say....


On behalf of the 10+ Siemens companies with whom BridgeLine RPO has already had a chance to interact, I want to tell you how impressed we have been with your firm. We are a big organization and it has been refreshing to see a firm like yours demonstrate an ability to quickly provide such practical insight in helping us craft a collaborative and unified growth strategy throughout various BUs. As you know, a considerable portion of that expansion initiative would entail consulting and designing on, building, operating and managing the recruitment process to support such an aggressive growth. I am looking very forward to continuing our relationship and having your firm take a leadership role in the “talent acquisition’ (as you like to call it) process.

Lastly, I want to reiterate that it is refreshing to see such a competent group of professionals that do what it takes. It is obvious BridgeLine RPO not only has the right attitude and understands our business and capabilities, but your firm clearly understands how the right recruiting approach will impact our business. I look forward to a long and mutually rewarding relationship.

Kind regards,
Siemens Energy & Automation
Vice President


BridgeLine RPO is the first recruitment process outsourcing firm who mirrored what I believe is the most effective recruiting philosophy for our software company.
Because they are relatively new (as a firm, not in individual experience), I requested that they demonstrate their process and help us find someone for our open outside sales representative in New York. This position had been open for three months, and Sales Management had interviewed more than thirty candidates that we mostly found by using various agencies. BridgeLine RPO was able to find qualified candidates immediately, and we filled the position in less than three weeks.
More importantly, we filled the position with someone who was not looking for a job. For the first time, we went out and proactively found what we believe to be an exceptional performer instead of just hoping they would come to us.

Bridgeline freed up a lot of management time. You’ve handled the screening so the managers don’t have to go through 100 candidates to find 3. Now they have earned the right to manage our entire recruitment process and fill 100+ more open positions this year.

Matt M, Vice President


First of all, let me begin this email by thanking you for providing Eurway with so many qualified applicants.  In addition, the professionalism with which you have handled this project has not only impressed me and the members of my staff but also the applicants themselves.  Many of the potential employees have a very good feeling about our company because of the way you handled setting up their initial interviews.  
Thanks for a fantastic job in helping our company expand!
Best regards,
Alan C
COO, Eurway

ION Geophysical
We engaged BridgeLine RPO to target 3 business goals; reduce time to fill, reduce agency spending, and build a talent bench in core positions.  They not only achieved these goals but have been able to align with our other business plans and remain a strategic partner in our search for global talent.

Jim Hollis
President and COO
ION Geophysical

PIMS of London
PIMS (Pipeline Integrity Management Systems) of London has worked successfully with Nick Tubach, Bonnie Browning and their team to staff a variety difficult-to-fill, project-level positions.  Specifically, BridgeLine RPO recently assisted in fulfilling personnel requirements for a SCADA system adoption for a Latin American Operator.
We found BridgeLine RPO to be responsive, professional and cost effective when the need to engage an outsourced recruiting team surfaced.  We expect to work with BridgeLine RPO again in the future and would recommend the BridgeLine team to other Oil and Gas Pipeline, Reliability and Integrity segments.
Trent Akhurst
PIMS of London

Andrew Corporation
Thank you for your excellent support in helping us manage our division’s recruitment efforts. You were thorough and professional and demonstrated a thoughtful interest in helping us make the best decisions.  This is the best recruitment support I have experienced in many years.
Your effort is appreciated and I look forward to working with your firm in the future as we build a great team.

Bernie S.

Diversified Healthcare

When I was hired by DCS as the Recruiting Manager, I was tasked with building an internal team to handle the entire staffing needs for the U.S. and Puerto Rico. This includes clerical, clinical, management and senior leadership. With no previous recruiting or sourcing that had been done on site, we needed to build a candidate base and drive our talent acquisition immediately.  I also needed to partner with a group that was both scalable and adaptable. Within hours of our partnership with BridgeLine RPO, we had a sourcing engine driving candidates to our site, simultaneously, developing the working model, including reporting, benchmarking and consultation we are still using today. Without our partnership with BridgeLine RPO, I would have to increase our internal headcount or hire multiple agencies. Both of these options would increase our spend, while decreasing our efficiency.
Because our BridgeLine sourcing team is at work 24/7, I am able to devote more time to the strategic responsibilities. My focus can remain on directing my department and to the core business of DCS.

Scott D. Snyder
Director of Recruiting
Diversified Clinical Services