BridgeLine RPO realizes that one size doesn't fit all and each client has unique requirements and capabilities.  Many companies have also come to appreciate that neither "in-sourcing", nor outsourcing “everything” is the most suitable option. Companies often already have an existing recruiting solution in place that sometimes isn’t able to pace with demand, or may simply be in need of a tweak.  This is why BridgeLine RPO offers flexibility with a range of managed services designed to improve recruitment efficiency/throughput.  It’s important to note that we are not a staffing company or body shop. Our services are geared around helping clients find permanent employees in a manner that scales with demand, and therefore, scales with their business.


Complete outsourcing of any business function isn't the right move for every company. Talk to us to find out if and to what extent it makes sense. And when it does, BridgeLine RPO has a wealth of experience that reaches far beyond recruitment.

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Sometimes demand, relative to bandwidth to find top talent, is unpredictable. You may not know in advance when you need support, how much and for specific recruitment function (i.e. Research, Sourcing, Basic Screening, Detailed Phone Screens, etc.). This is when our On-DEMAND services make the most sense.

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When your project goals are well defined, or you have volume-based recruitment needs (even if your internal team is working them), or if the recruitment skill set required varies, we seamlessly attach to your existing internal engine, or directly to hiring managers to ensure your project completes on budget, with the right talent and in time.

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Is your company using Social Media to your advantage in your overall recruiting strategy? Do you have an online employer brand strategy? How do you attract, engage, and retain top talent? Learn what Social Recruiting & Employer Branding can do for your Talent and Branding strategy today! learn more    Learn More

When you have the brain power, but are short on time, or simply need a consulting partner to provide you with an objective assessment of, or improvement to current processes, metric tools to help you gain a better understanding of what is and isn't working, etc. Bridgeline RPO uses traditional consulting methodologies for research, financial impact analysis, process maturity models, etc. etc

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