One's career is a big part of what defines us, so when that is at stake we know we need to go the extra mile to make it happen.  We've helped thousands of professionals find the next new position, obtain a promotion, or even a relocation.  Nothing is more gratifying than when we know we've made an impact on someone's life.  

Candidate Testimonials

Ed - "I have dealt with many recrui...

Dear Mr. Tubach and Ms. Browning,
I am writing to you to recognize incredible dedication, hard work and professionalism on the part of your team.
You contacted me about a job opportunity over a month ago and managed to arrange an interview. Through the entire process, you guys were attentive, courteous and professional, following up very frequently and providing me with all the information I needed to make a decision.
I have dealt with many recruiters in my life since graduating college but I have never encountered such level of professionalism and dedication from anyone. You were great at acting as a liaison between me and ION Geo. I was impressed by your work ethic and level of communication and I always felt well informed about the current situation. I started as a Sr. Financial Analyst at ION this past Monday and am very satisfied with the company, my coworkers and the working conditions.
Thank you for your time and have a great weekend.
Best regards,

Mike - "it’s the best effort I’ve rec...
I want to give your company an A+ for professionalism and communication with this BMC opportunity.  You submitted my info to them today.  We don’t know how it will go, but it’s the best effort I’ve received in over 2 years.

Chuck - I have been searching for a jo...

I just wanted to let you know what great job you did in recruiting me for the position at Morton Salt.  I did not get the position I was originally recruited for, but it got me in the door and they saw another area I could help them with.  I also received a salary much higher than expected.  I have been searching for a job since March and been out of work for over 4 months and have worked with many recruiters and search agencies.  As far as recruiting firms go, you outdid them all.  Your firm always followed up on everything and would communicate back when you said you would, whether you heard anything or not.  You don’t know how many recruiters say they will get back to you and you’ll never see an email or call.  You always called and kept me informed through this long process with Morton Salt. I’m sure Mike C. from Morton Salt is also pleased with your patience and performance.
I would recommend BridgeLine RPO to anyone needing job assistance.

Joe - "from beginning to end, the be...
Dear Mr. Tubach,

I would like to write you to explain my experiences working with your firm, to date.  This relationship started by your team calling me when they found my information online. In the course of a month, I received an average of three to four calls from recruiters wanting to explain positions available. The majority are neither well versed about the position they are trying to fill, nor undertand anything about the trade for which they are trying to recruit.  ie., engineering, HSE, QA, etc.

So, when I receive a call I'm somewhat skeptical and listen for only a few minutes. In the case of the call from BridgeLine RPO, it was easy to see your recruiter was very professional in knowing what he was talking about, knowledge of the company and contacts, and he did a great job in describing the position.  Above all, he has been very nice to know and deal with.  I have been kept informed of progress as he became part of the process. He went as far as learning my tight schedule in my present position and we talked after 6:30 PM from home.  He followed up on the appointment process keeping me informed and comfortable with excellent detail, instructions, names, and clear information related to travel and the position.  Then again, great follow-up after the interview, calling as promised. Sure that's his job and what he's supposed to do, but he did it better by going the extra mile to be courteous, knowledgeable and very respectful while keeping control.

I’m very appreciative to your tetam for being a breath of fresh air.
Thanks and kind regards,


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